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Saluting ATP Legend Greg Sharko

The end of the 2023 season marks the end of an era.

Greg Sharko, the long-time ATP director of media relations and information, will hang up his racquet and step off the tour at the end of the 2023 season.

A true gentleman and tennis statistical savant, the man affectionately nicknamed “Shark” has been a respected presence on the pro circuit for decades.

Widely respected by players, staffers, media and fans for his tennis knowledge and passion for the game, Sharko helped so many–journalists, broadcasters, players and fans–understand and appreciate the sport on a much deeper level through his statistical analysis, historical facts and story-telling skills.

Sharko came to tennis from team sports and remained a devoted coach in his Florida community.

A beloved presence on Tour, Sharko was much more than a tennis encyclopedia, he was a portal for people connecting so many to each other and a deeper insight into the sport he grew to love.

Thanks Shark for all you’ve done for tennis and for all you’ve shared with those of us who love the sport.

You are a true tennis legend!

Editors Note • Sharko is Tennis 🎾👑 a walking encyclopedia of tennis facts! No one’s ever been better. In a league of his own. Sharko for Commissioner!!!(LJ)