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Umpire Mohamed Lahyani Takes Injury Timeout During Hamburg Final

Chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani took an injury timeout after hurting his foot inspecting a ball mark during the Hamburg final.

Tennis players aren’t the only ones who play hurt.

Chair umpire Mohamed Lahyani performed in pain in Hamburg today.

The veteran chair took a medical timeout for treatment of a foot injury he seemed to suffer departing the chair during the second set of the Hamburg European Open men’s final.

Climbing down from the high chair to inspect a ball mark in the second set, Lahyani looked hobbled when he made his way back to the chair and clutched at his right foot.

Exuding professionalism, the injured chair umpire did not want to disrupt play between Alexander Zverev and Laso Djere.

So Lahyani sucked it up and worked through the pain until Zverev seized a 4-1 lead. Then, Lahyani called for the physio during the changeover to treat that right foot.