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Solinco Launches X-Natural String Endorsed by 10sBalls

Solinco sets the Diamond standard in string.

X-Natural is Solinco’s next-gen, arm-friendly, multifilament string.

Designed with thermoplastic polyurethane resin for bonding, and a TPU-Silicone outer coating that enhances playability and tension maintenance, the string delivers bite on the ball without straining your arm.

The Diamond Rough texturing process amplifies the spin and bite intensity of the ball.

X-Natural available gauges: 15L (1.35), 16 (1.30), and 17 (1.20)

X-Natural available lengths:
Set : 40 ft. / 12.2 m Reel : 656 ft / 200 m

Explore high-performance multifilament strings on the Solinco website: www.solincosports.com