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HBO’s Real Sports Profiles Mansour Bahrami Tomorrow at 10

Photo credit: HBO Real Sports

When Mansour Bahrami isn’t busy entertaining crowds on the tennis court, he’s inspiring a collective cause on the streets of Paris.

These days, tennis’ top trick shot artist Bahrami is taking to the streets as a loud and proud leader of the “free Iran” protest movement in Paris.

HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel returns tomorrow, Tuesday, May 23rd, at 10 p.m. Eastern time putting the spotlight on Bahrami’s fascinating story, which began with his escape from Iran and where he learned to play tennis fashioning a dust pan as a racquet, to his rise as an international tennis star.

Real Sports first chronicled Mansour Bahrami’s unlikely journey to professional tennis in 2018, detailing how one of the game’s most beloved characters fled his home country of Iran during the Islamic Revolution to play the sport he loves.

Tonight’s episode revisits Bahrami and his efforts in Paris to help bring freedom to his native Iran.

Correspondent Mary Carillo reports.