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MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation Issues Update After Hurricane Ian

The MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation issued an update in the aftermath of Hurrican Ian.

The Jacksonville, Florida-based MWY withstood the hurricane though the tennis court area sustained significant damage during the storm. 

“Our entire back fence line (along 5th street) has been completely blown out by the winds and our activity court fencing also sustained damage,” the Foundation reported. 

“We don’t know how long it will take to get the fencing fixed due to others with more challenging damage from the storm, but this leaves our activity court, three mini-courts and three full size courts unplayable for the immediate future, as well as our facility without an exterior border on the south side.”
If you would like to make a special one-time gift to help the MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation with rising costs, vandalism repairs, and general programming, please click here and indicate your gift for “September Challenges”. 

If you are unable to do so, please continue to spread the word about the good things that are happening with MWYF kids and families.