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More News From 1996 Wimbledon Finalist MaliVai Washington’s Foundation

Photo credit: MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation

An update from the MaliVai Washington Youth Tennis Foundation:

We love seeing our students succeed after leaving the Foundation!

Alumni, Keanna Bell, graduated from MWYF in 2011. Thanks to the Foundation, she was able to graduate college debt-free from Florida Atlantic University. Now she works in property management and runs a successful event planning business with her sister Antonia (who is an MWYF alum as well) called Creativity by Latrice.

Keanna now serves as the first alumni representative on MWYF’s Board of Directors, giving back to the community that helped her and her sister succeed. They also have a younger sister, Deshai, who currently attends the Foundation as a senior.
Keanna Bell and Antonia Bell. Photo credit: MaliVai Washington Youth Foundation
Time is running out to make a last tax-deductible donation in 2021! We hope you’ll consider making a gift to MWYF today, so more families like Bells can benefit from our programs!

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