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10sBalls and Teammates Have All Arrived at the 2021 US Open

Yes , the last one made it into JFK right before Hurricane Ida shut it down.

Now that was a first. Usually arriving in NYC includes muggy heavy air. Not oceans of water splashing down in all directions everywhere.

We find it almost impossible that they are up and playing today. We actually were in a storm there years ago. Like the first year Armstrong was built ? The press box up on top built by SLEW in a year. Was it 1985? 1986?

All I remember is Bud Collins making his TYPEWRITER jump up and down and say “There’s a hurricane hitting the island..” I asked what island as our press box shook. And he said Long  Island.

Please check out Courts, the most amazing tennis magazine. They are based in Belgium and  this is their first English edition.  It’s spectacular.

Check out their website and follow them on Instagram. These guys really live tennis. The photos and articles are the best.

Arthur Ashe stadium at sundown. Wow. Arthur would be proud.