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10sBalls | TennisBalls Wishes Roger Federer a Very Happy 40th Birthday

Roger Turns 40. Time really does fly. The family was in Croatia a few weeks ago. Great place to vacay and “Coach Luby” has a new tennis camp there. Roger and Mirka’s twin girls just turned 12. And they are tall. Think it was Mila in a clinic we saw?

Roger turns 40. It’s all hard to accept. It’s really a totally remarkable career. We’ve all been blessed to see the genius at work. The maestro. The balance of Nureyev. The smoothness of silk. The athletism that’s hard to describe. Rog has the ability to change directions or move forward like a rocket. It’s his amazing talent of accelerating and decelerating.

Will the cake be made to look like a ROLEX  or a Mercedes or a Wilson racket or a super large Lindt chocolate ball or a BARILLA pasta shell or Uniqlo logo or maybe a tennisBall… Knowing Roger. Maybe ice cream. All you can eat ice cream. 40 flavors? Lots of ice cream.

The team here wishes you a very Happy Birthday and best wishes always.