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What is POP Tennis?

POP Tennis is Tennis!; it’s short court Tennis. It is a fun, fast, colorful, exhilarating, aerobic sport that is easier than traditional Tennis to learn, play, and master.

In POP Tennis, the court is smaller than Tennis, and the racquet or paddle is shorter — so that the hitting surface is closer to the hand — and the ball is less lively. Additionally, the net is lower, and the players serve underhand—not overhand, as in Tennis.

The huge benefits for POP Tennis players are that the rallies are generally longer; there is more fun and exciting net play and (net) poaching; there is less court to cover; there are no overhead serves to learn; and as a result, there is far less running and wear and tear on the back, legs, feet, and shoulders.

POP Tennis is an excellent means for youngsters to learn how to play Tennis. It teaches them how to hit consistent and penetrating groundstrokes, to volley, to move to the ball, to effectively strategize, and to compete. With a deader ball, smaller court, lower net, and shorter racquet, it is easy for children to quickly attain mastery of their strokes, and thereby, gain empowering feelings of success, accomplishment, and confidence. Additionally, POP Tennis is a wonderful sport for young adults and adults to play. As Kent Seton, a top collegiate tennis player and a top open POP Tennis player, astutely observed, “[Compared with Tennis,] You can play [POP Tennis] far better, far longer!” What Kent is essentially saying, is that once Tennis players leave college, begin to age, join the workforce, and play less frequently, their game and skills naturally begin to decline. However, in POP Tennis, you have less court to cover and have no overhand serving to deal with, so it is far easier to maintain your skill level for decades. All of these factors make POP Tennis a fun and an exciting sport for individuals of ALL ages to play and to enjoy for a lifetime!

“POP Tennis certainly worked for me. I began playing POP Tennis at seven years old; then I transitioned to Tennis at thirteen, and played both POP Tennis and Tennis until I attended college. Due to my training in POP Tennis, I immediately became a top-ranked junior tennis champion. I then became the Captain and the #1 singles and doubles player on the Harvard University Varsity Tennis Team and the Eastern Junior Davis Cup Team. During this time, I won a plethora of singles and doubles tournaments. At age 35, I went back to playing POP Tennis exclusively, because I found it to be so fun, exhilarating, and satisfying; and as Kent Seton observed, I could continue to play POP Tennis at a very high level, whereas I was nowhere as good in Tennis, as I had been in college. Because of its unique attributes, POP Tennis can be played at a high level for a lifetime, with less practice, and despite previous player injuries and/or diminished skills. To this day, in my 60s, I am still a top POP Tennis open doubles player. (Please see Pro Match video clips below and poptennis.com)” – Teddy Lindner, Kenny Lindner, President of the U.S. Pop Tennis Association

Additionally, POP Tennis, due to the shorter distance between you and the player(s) on the other side of the net, leads to increased hand speed/quickness and the development of faster hand/eye coordination. One benefit of this increased speed and quickness is that when you do play Tennis, your reflexes and reaction time will be quicker, so that you will feel as if you have far more time to react, move toward, and hit the ball. So playing POP Tennis should significantly improve your Tennis game.

For a myriad of great reasons, POP Tennis is a fantastically fun and satisfying sport that you can play from ages 5 to 95. And “fantastic,” “fun,” and “satisfying” are pretty cool attributes, right?

POP Tennis: Try it and love it, because everything about our sport POPS!