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Eugenie Bouchard Signs with Slinger as New Product Ambassador

Eugenie Bouchard is now brand ambassador for Slinger.

Slinger has welcomed Eugenie Bouchard to its Brand Ambassador Program to help further the mission of Slinger – make tennis more accessible and affordable for anyone wanting to play.

The company’s versatile tennis ball launcher, Slinger Bag, is a “portable partner” so players at every level, from hobbyists to pros, always have a chance to practice their skills whenever, wherever.  

As she’s on the mend from shoulder surgery, Genie is looking forward to promoting Slinger’s portable, versatile tennis ball launcher and using it to help in her rehab efforts over the next few months.

Genie joins good company in the program, led by former pro Tommy Haas. Mike and Bob Bryan, Nick Bollettieri, and are all also Slinger-appointed ambassadors.

Editor’s Note : we were early in on a crowd funding for the ball machine. We’ve had one for a few months.( maybe 6 months) .  It gets used daily at our training center. Everyone enjoys it and uses it for different drills. We highly recommend it. It’s awesome whether you use on a court or in an alley. Or in a yard. It’s that versatile. And it’s on wheels. (LJ)