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Aloha from Shubert’s Alley

Roger Federer celebrates winning his 4th round match against Lorenzo Sonego at the Wimbledon Championships, 05 July 2021. EPA-EFE/NEIL HALL

Aloha Everybody!

It has certainly been a long time but I’m grateful for the opportunity to once again write to you on this very special 10sballs.com website!  A lot has happened throughout the world these past several years, but the fervor around Wimbledon remains forevermore.  Seeing the event going on, it’s nice that The Championships and its traditions have been maintained.  It’s like a brief escape from a world of never-ending change.

I have to admit, it’s impossible to give any thought to the big H2H records, total wins, tournaments won, speculations, etc etc.  There are too many interesting backstories surrounding the lesser known players.  Access to player social media accounts has never been easier and it has really shed light on a lot of the mystery behind these marvelous tennis athletes and their personal journeys.  Knowing about the travels and tribulations of these do-gooders of the Challenger tours certainly creates more meaning when they make it through qualies or score a victory in the early rounds.  Truly remarkable stuff;  Everyone loves an underdog.

Can Federer be considered an underdog these days?  If so, then I’m hoping the maestro pulls off one more majestic marvel for the world to see.  That would definitely bring a lot of needed hope, inspiration, and joy to tennis fans around the world.  Not to put down the other contenders that also might win of course, but the scale and macro level event that Fed would create by winning would be monumental. 

Hoping you get to continue enjoying these Wimbledon Championships and that you introduce some fun every chance you get!  Wear those Wimby whites, break out the strawberries and cream, and definitely rush the net every point you play!

Editors Note: It’s great to hear from one of our early contributors. Thomas Shubert lives and teaches tennis in Hawaii. He has a passion for the game that’s monumental. We first met at a tourney about a decade ago. We were sitting in a friend’s seats and we had this “10s encyclopedia “sitting behind us. We heard this running commentary that was so insightful. After the match, we spoke. And I remember telling him how astute all of his observations were. Heck, the late  Bud Collins saw him as one of the bright young tennis writers in America. We hope to hear more from him in the coming weeks. Interesting that he is still a huge RF fan, but also loves the younger stars of today as well. What an era of tennis we have all enjoyed and been witnessed too. Tom’s columns were called “Shubert’s Alley “. Some day we want him to write about his first assignment for us at 23 years old or so when he basically was sent to cover an event at the Staples center and we didn’t hear from him for a week. As he says he took off with the band… Or joining the circus … That being a trip with Johnny Mac and Jim Courier and more. Yup. He Left on a jet. He did everything from stringing rackets to warming the guys up. To setting up the arena by the end of the tour. (LJ)