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Wimbledon 2021 • Predicted To Be the Wettest In 15 years

New research by Essential Living can predict this year’s Wimbledon tournament is to be the wettest yet in fifteen years, with an expected 5.1 mm rainfall on the opening day. 

The tournament which kicks off Monday 28th June is expected to be the wettest opener since 1991 when the heavens opened on 24th June at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.

As part of their new Sporting Superstars Study, Essential Living has done some digging into the weather during each Wimbledon tournament since 1970, gathering some interesting results.

Here are the 10 wettest Wimbledon’s on record:

  1. 2003- 18mm rain
  2. 1975- 11.9mm rain
  3. 1980- 9mm rain
  4. 2007- 6.1mm rain
  5. 1991- 5.59mm rain
  6. 2021- 5.1mm rain
  7. 1985- 5.08mm rain
  8. 2006- 5.08mm rain
  9. 1987- 4.06mm rain
  10. 1982- 3mm rain

With a maximum 21,000 spectators geared up to watch some of the world’s top-level tennis players take to the grass courts, it looks like they will also have to be geared up for some rainy British weather on the opening day.

However, despite the rain, the temperature is expected to be a moderate temperature of 16 degrees, with 68% chance humidity- a tough climate for players on their opening matches.

Fortunately, winds are only expected to reach a maximum 15km/h so players can keep their serves under control.

2003 was one of the wettest Junes on record, with a heavy pour of 18mm of rain which prevented the men’s quarterfinals from being completed. Two quarter-finals were also suspended and two more never got underway because of a series of rain delays at a very wet All England Club.

With the rainfall over the duration of this year’s tournament not looking too heavy, let’s hope players prepare for all types of weather Britain has to offer.