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Slinger Bag Announces Acquisition of SaaS Technology Platform – Foundation Tennis

Slinger Bag, a sports brand focused on delivering innovative, game improvement technologies and equipment across all ball sport categories, announced its acquisition of Foundation Tennis. Foundation Tennis is a pioneer in tennis software applications covering tennis club and facility administration and encompassing highly functional user and CRM experiences.

Tennis is on the rise (44% increase of players) and clubs and courts will want to capture these new players. Foundation Tennis has reach into over 17,000 US tennis facilities, 1 million registered current users, over 30 million transactions and court bookings and brings tennis market and experiences to Slinger through Saas specific technology.  Slinger continues to push forward with seamlessly connecting avid and casual players to coaches and courts through latest Foundation Tennis acquisition.

Foundation Tennis’s proprietary technology suite provides business services to the tennis industry, including operational and payments software as well as digital platform management (web site design, hosting, iOS and Android apps). The company was recently named a Platform Development Partner for Square and is the only Square partner specifically serving both the tennis and greater racquet sports industries.