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“I always felt that I had to work harder than average because my country is behind on many issues.  I come from a town of only 12,000 people where the idea of playing tennis professionally is totally crazy. From a very young age my family and I worked really hard to make this dream come true. When I started to compete, I remember feeling “weird” for taking tennis seriously. I was surrounded by a world where the majority of young people chose a team sport and not the idea of losing absolutely alone. When I was 18 years old, I signed a 10-year contract with sponsors who invested in my career. I went from being a teenager with doubts about being a professional, to actually being one.

I didn’t necessarily feel the pressure from the sponsors, but it was just a radical change. I had to remove certain things that could distract me from tennis. I had to leave my life of being a teenager, my small town, family reunions, outings, soccer with friends and my last year of school, which I worked hard to finish. It was also a drastic change when the contract ended, which it took me some time to get over. 

At the beginning of my professional career I did feel this pressure to succeed, it was important to me. Over the years I understood that it is simply my job and I just had to give my best each day. After time I realized that I will achieve success if I have people around me who love me, and the wins are just a bonus. There is a large amount of pressure to always go for more. The moment you relax, you start to lose. 

There were countless moments of emotional suffering throughout my career. No exact moment stands out. I have felt empty, without desire, strength, or motivation, many times. There were moments where I hit rock bottom and I thought about leaving the sport, but as a child I was always told to never give up. The storm will pass.”

Facundo Bagnis (@facubagnis)


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