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#MyBTR– “I am a triplet. When my siblings and I were 5 years old, our parents told us to pick different sports to avoid competing against one another. I chose tennis. Neither of my parents played so I am not sure why I chose the sport… But I am glad I did. It is hard to articulate how I feel about tennis because the sport is deeply personal. Tennis has taken me to places I never thought I would go and introduced me to nearly everyone in my life. The sport has impacted me in extraordinary ways through surprises, opportunities and relationships.

As a top junior player and nationally ranked Division I tennis player, I learned many key lessons. Hard work, discipline, dedication, patience, strategic thinking, confidence, and composure. I am grateful to use these skills in my professional career as a media host. I always had an urge to make tennis more mainstream and relatable so the sport could be cool. I wanted fans to see the other side of tennis that revealed amazing stories and enticing personalities. The iconic court fashion makes tennis unique.

I owe everything in my life to tennis. I never forget where I came from and embrace every relationship and opportunity. I have stayed true to my goal and this journey has shown me incredible experiences. I could write a book about these moments. Maybe I will. I have seen many aspects of my life come full circle in the context of the sport as I transitioned from a tennis player to a media professional. I am very grateful for every player who has done an interview with me and every person who has read my articles or watched my show. I am grateful for TennisONE for allowing me to join a platform that moves tennis forward. I am thankful for God and my parents for letting me play tennis. Tennis and I were always meant to be. I am grateful to be living my dream and positively impacting the sport that has shaped my life.”

Rachel Stuhlmann (@rstuhlmann)


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