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Globi and Roger – Tennis Star Federer Featured in Iconic Swiss Globi Book Series

Two Swiss cult figures join forces: Roger Federer and Globi. The tennis star can be seen as a comic hero in the latest Globi book. “Globi und Roger”, published on April 30th and is the 92nd volume of the classic children’s book.

In the story, the two go on a road trip to Wimbledon. On the way they play tennis together and go to school in Africa. According to a message from Orell Füssli Verlag, which also owns Globi-Verlag, Federer actively and personally contributed to the creation of the band.

“He contributed stories from his life, was involved in the textual and visual implementation and wrote the foreword to the book,” writes the publisher. The volume is thus Roger Federer’s first “officially authorized book with biographical features”.

Federer is happy about his transformation into a comic book character. As a child he loved Globi books. “I feel honored that I was now able to become part of Globi’s world myself and to be involved in the creation of a Globi band,” the sportsman is quoted as saying by the publisher. He experienced many of the stories and situations in the book like this or similar.

The Globi adventure is also available as a radio play. Federer was also involved in the creation of the script. The Swiss comedian and satirist Michael Elsener speaks the tennis star in a radio play. Globi is set to music by the actor and presenter Walter Andreas Müller.

With the Globi book donations should go to the foundation of the tennis professional. “The collaboration between Globi Verlag and Roger Federer also includes a contribution from the publisher to the Roger Federer Foundation,” the statement said. With the foundation, Federer has been supporting educational programs for children in Africa and Switzerland for over 17 years.

Globi is one of the most popular children’s books in Switzerland. According to an evaluation by the market research institute GfK, the volume “Globi im Spital” and “Globi auf der Alp” was in the top ten of the best-selling children’s and young people’s books last year.

Globi was originally an advertising figure. It was developed in 1932 on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Swiss department store Globus. In 1935 the first children’s book “Globis Weltreise” was published. Globi Verlag was founded in 1944. It has been part of Orell Füssli Verlag since 2007.