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#CelebrityBTR– “I grew up in Plano, Texas. At age 11, my mom started playing at the local tennis courts. She said, “Oh my gosh, I love this sport. I’m going to bring my kids one day.” Then my brother and I fell in love with tennis. I played team sports and individual sports. I was quarterback of the football team and played baseball. I was big into a lot of sports, but tennis became my favorite because it was a solo sport, so I did not have to rely on anyone else.

My best friends came from my time competing in Texas. I was captain of my high school tennis team. The team was my main friend group because I was playing five days per week, tennis was my life. In college, I played club tennis which was a good way to travel and make friends. My current roommate is one of my best friends. He was my teammate in high school before he played at Texas Christian University. We play all the time here in Dallas. It’s a great sport to stay active and play year-round.

After college, I stopped playing for three years. When I picked up a racquet again, I played once every few months. Now, living with my roommate, we play once per week. I’m still able to hang in there but the timing throws me off. My return of serve is the toughest thing right now, especially on the backhand side. My serve and forehand stayed intact. My volleys are all right, they used to be my strength. I love that I’m getting back into the game and getting pretty good again.

I don’t watch as much tennis anymore. I used to go to events whenever they came around Dallas. I’ve seen Andy Roddick and Pete Sampras. Someone who organizes the US Open reached out to me in my DMs and invited me to the tournament. It would be awesome to see that. I don’t have cable anymore. I’m just like everybody else in the world, I don’t keep up with tennis as much anymore. Back in college, I watched Texas Tech men’s tennis. It was always good to see that.

I foresee passing tennis down to the next generation of my family. It’s such a valuable sport and teaches you life lessons. You have to rely on yourself and you can’t make excuses. Women’s tennis players get paid more than other female athletes so if I have a daughter, I will be training her from a young age. There is a lot of opportunity in tennis. I will put my kids in many sports but will guide them towards tennis.”

Ivan Hall (@ivanbhall)


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