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Our Hero • Captain Sir Tom Moore Laid to Rest “Your Spirit Lives On” 4.30.1920 – 2.2.2021

“I told you I was old,” will be the epitaph on the headstone of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Capt. Sir Thomas Moore, the beloved veteran who raised over 30 million dollars for healthcare workers at the start of the coronavirus pandemic, and inspired people all around the world was laid to rest and honored at a funeral on Saturday.

Soldiers of Yorkshire Regiment carried the coffin of the British World War II veteran into the crematorium in Bedford, England.

As the Union flag-draped coffin was being carried, Moore, who passed away earlier this month at 100 from COVID-19, received a flypast of a World War II-era C-47 Dakota plane. A firing squad of 14 proceeded to fire three rounds in unison before the small service began.

A second world war plane, with the markings of D-day on its wings, flew overhead.
Harrogate’s Army Foundation College, where Moore was made an honorary colonel, formed a ceremonial guard at Bedfordshire crematorium, and a firing party of 14 fired three rounds in unison before the ceremony began.

The ceremony opened with the hit charity single Moore recorded with Michael Ball and the NHS Voices of Care Choir, “You’ll Never Walk Alone,” other songs played at the service included Dame Vera Lynn’s “The White Cliffs of Dover,” Alfie Boe’s “I Vow To Thee My Country” and a specially recorded version of “Smile” by Michael Bublé.

In keeping  Covid-19 restrictions, just eight members of his immediate family attended the funeral, his two daughters Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira, four grandchildren and his sons-in-law — all wearing face masks.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, the funeral service was only attended by Moore’s immediate family: his two daughters, Hannah Ingram-Moore and Lucy Teixeira, his four grandchildren and his sons-in-law.

“Daddy, I am so proud of you,” Teixeira said, “What you achieved your whole life and especially in the last year. You may be gone but your message and your spirit lives on.”Lucy said her father would be watching them at the funeral and chuckling “saying ‘don’t be too sad as something has to get you in the end.'”Speaking of her grief, Ingram-Moore said “we have lost a huge part of our family” and “we feel your loss with a deafening silence.”But she added “the power of the love you left allows us to stay strong.”

Moore asked for his epitaph to read: “I told you I was old”, in reference to comedian Spike Milligan’s famous tombstone that said “I told you I was ill”.

Captain Sir Tom… everyone at Tennis Balls will miss you, the world will miss you. You inspired us all, “You’ll Never Walk Alone.”