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TennisBalls Pays Tribute to Capt. Sir Tom Moore with Final Farewell

Captain Sir Tom Moore’s funeral will take place on Saturday, February 27th. He will be given military honours at the service, which is being attended by eight of his family.

The World War II veteran passed away on February 2nd at the age of 100 after contracting Covid-19.

In a statement released by his family, they have asked the public to stay at home to pay their respects.

“Over the past year our father spoke openly about his death and his funeral, and had wondered out-loud if perhaps the interest in him over the last 12 months would mean we would need to have more Victoria Sponge cakes available for the extra guests.

“Sadly, like so many other families affected by the pandemic, we have no choice but to hold a small family funeral, which will take place this Saturday. Whilst we understand so many people wish to pay their respects to our father, we ask that the public and the press continue to support the NHS by staying at home.

“We have been contacted by so many people asking what they can do to honour our father, so we have set up an online book of condolence. People can also donate The Captain Tom Foundation, plant a tree in his memory or donate to a charity of your choice. 

“In the last few months of his life, our father had spent many enjoyable hours writing a book he chose to call Captain Tom’s Life Lessons, which he planned to release just before his 101st birthday. Sadly, he’ll never get to share this with you personally.

“The final chapter is so poignant and reading it brings us so much comfort and warmth, so we share the last chapter now as a thank you, from our father Tom and us as a family, for the love and kindness The Nation and the world have shown him.”

“The ceremony, in line with Covid-19 restrictions, will be an intimate, family send off and will pay tribute to all he achieved in his life.”

Parts of the funeral will be filmed by the BBC so those who supported Sir Tom can be part of the ceremony, which is being attended by his two daughters, Hannah and Lucy, his four grandchildren and his sons-in-laws.

Sir Tom set out to raise £1,000 for NHS Charities Together by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday last April, but his efforts struck a chord and donations flooded in, resulting in a fundraising total of more than £ 32 million.