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Singapore Day 3 • Practice, the Hotel Lobby and the Japan Room

By Sven Groeneveld

I like to wake up early, enjoy a good coffee, have a small breakfast and watch the news or scroll on Twitter. However a day does not start well when the breakfast your order the day before through a booking system does not show up at 7 am the time you have requested but instead comes one and half hours later at 8:30 am! That being said we all have a player liaison who is basically ready to help with all of our needs and are always ready for assistance!

Center court is looking really good and they are going beyond to service us! The transport, the special holding area if you are to early for practice. The entire facility is great, three training courts and two match courts! Everything is spotless and this would be for sure one of my favorite events during the year if they will get a license for the coming years!

Today was our first time in the hotel lobby! Never thought it would feel so special to even walk through a hotel lobby after just 72 hours here!

Lunch was severed in our own special dining suite and of course we ended up with the Japan suite.

Letter of welcome and many goodies for the family at home but also a SIM card with 100 GB as a gift for our stay in Singapore!

Appointments for our daily swab always delivered by email after we have booked them!

Always appreciate when a day has come to an end with a good plan for tomorrow! Remember if you want to grow your personal live go to www.friendlyeyes.com I just completed my 4th week of 12 weeks of #experience (meditation )

Sven Groeneveld