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Sven Tennis • Routines, Tests and Singing Birds… Day 30 in Melbourne

By Sven Groeneveld

Every day starts with a fresh restring. No matter what, you control the controllables!

The investment is minimal compared to the upside of that potential investment. I guess some players have their routines (or is it superstitions) that may apply a different set of rules.

Since we are leaving on Tuesday we got our PCR test done today (Nose and throat) before we are leaving for Singapore. Besides the test, we have to do our paperwork with proof of insurance, visa registration and downloading a locator app.

While I am still in Melbourne I am taking full advantage of the two-hour allowance for exercise. I love this old tram that still is in service even during lockdown!

Another great statue in one of the many parks around Melbourne! “The Pathfinder”

The birds are singing their song, enjoying the peace while most people are having to stay indoors!

While we are in the summer months in Australia, my family in The Netherlands are having the time of their lives while skating on the frozen rivers and canals.

Sven Groeneveld