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Back to Work and Back in Lockdown, Day 29 in Melbourne

By Sven Groeneveld

Today was back to work day and we had planned to practice with another player but we got a message that he hurt himself a little so he had to cancel. Instead, it was my turn to hit some balls and give Taro a good work out! To be honest that is my favorite time to work with players when you can have quality one on one sessions! We went indoors because Singapore will be played indoors. The courts were empty when we arrived and we had court 8 where the tennis lab is located. A cool feature I am sure during the year where people can reset rackets and strings.

After the work out we went to the main site for some lunch and to sign in as an alternate for the doubles, just Incase a first-round doubles pair would not show up. Before entering the site you have to show your daily health check.

After the tennis, we went back to the city and it was very strange to have no spectators at the courts and now all stores were closed and even my botanical gardens were closed.

So another day comes to an end in wonderful Melbourne where dinner will be UberEats!

Sven Groeneveld