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Sven Tennis • Day 11 • Hard Lockdown in Melbourne • Happy Australia Day!

By Sven Groeneveld

Happy Australia Day, but this is the first time I heard of “Invasion Day”. I have to share this with you since it is current and the Aboriginal people obviously see this as their country. I don’t know enough about this but will keep an eye on it (the flag on left is the Aboriginal Flag together with the Australian National Flag).

Every evening we get some messages of support. Still to this day my name is not fixed and this morning again got a call from the medical department to check up on me. I told them please get my facts right before this causes any delay when I am exiting. Besides all is great!

I made it to the papers in the Netherlands with my supportive message to AO while enjoying the view from my stationary bike!

Rainy day today and it feels less like a groundhogs day today!

Daily spinning nice lunch and ready for my 2 pm call with a status update. We will have to wait for our exit Day and time to be confirmed by the local authorities.

We also received some great tips for training prep for the heat.

We have 4 “GrandSlams” in Tennis @AustralianOpen @rolandgarros @Wimbledon @usopen and now we have 1 “SuperSlam” in Adelaide

After today we will have 3 more nights in the hard lockdown and on Saturday we will be able to leave. However, no time has been decided. Hopefully, we will able to get on the court for our first Aussie practice session in Melbourne!

Sven Groeneveld