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Sven Tennis • Day 6 (Part 2) • The Rest Of My Day Off In Lockdown

Now remember, I am having a day off that means not having an agenda and you can do what you want to do when you want to do it! So I want to make one more entry 🙂

Getting ready for the heat of Australia. Since arriving I must have been outside less than 3 min (5 days ago). So I turned off my air and did a little bike workout in 29 degrees.

Had a great sweat.

Sometimes you need to be patient! Another Zoom with Team Tennis Australia.

I am also working on finalizing my weekend in April for a coaches conference in Cologne Germany with Marc-Kevin Goellner at his academy (it will be in German but it’s a great initiative). https://coach-the-coaches.com/cologne/

Also hope we can get the topspinpro into our room! Since the workout with the mattress was great, but it gave me dust for two days in my room. https://topspinpro.com

This morning I also forgot to add that Taro and his physical trainer Matsuda-San invited me to join them for a pre-training session to discuss the prep for our exit! https://tennisindemand.com

Sven Groeneveld