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Sven Tennis • Day 6 • A Day Off In Lockdown?

By Sven Groeneveld

Today I have a Day off…

What does that mean in Hard Lockdown since every day is almost the same and there is no clock other than the fact that we have a standard 2:00 pm and 7:30 pm call with Tennis Australia?

The perfect time also when you are in LockDown to have your computer totally crash and you can’t figure it out!

So the day started with a beautiful view of the balloons above the park with the backdrop of Melbourne.

Breakfast served.

And I found myself online on the bike in my room!

Besides that, I made some calls and just having a day of meaning no calls planned, no agenda, also not in my mind, not thinking of tomorrow or the next day, just being in the moment and just do what you want to do in that moment. That is for me a day of exactly doing what I want to do in the moment I want to do it! Nothing more Nothing less!

My laugh of the day was this iconic WTA picture and Bernie hanging with the girls!

Laughter is the source of all energy, it’s the emotion I love the most,the emotion of happiness comes 2nd when I see people happy that make me cry.

As of late, I love these Barstool video’s with the #BarstoolFund https://www.instagram.com/tv/CKSe4CWhRSJ/?igshid=1qtrlasunvu38

Maybe we should help out the community here in Melbourne with #AOPlayerFund???

Sven Groenesveld