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Sven Tennis • Day 4 ATP Doha • Australian Open Qualies

By Sven Groeneveld

The weather is spectacular. We are taking full advantage of the hours on court and out of the room. Since we can not leave our room (other than for three meals and practice). No city visits unfortunately but our rooms are very spacious and luxurious! Great internet, only FaceTime or WhatsApp calls are not working. VPN is a must and Skype works perfectly. Adjust and Adapt.

Stringing service in full swing.

They have so many buses running between the hotel and the site that social distancing is not an issue!

Our temperature check tent.

10sballs logo would look great on this Ball!

I am not sure if they will have spectators but the 1 meter 50 distance is well prepared.

Those that have had a practice on the 6th received an additional can of balls! The balls are Dunlop and are very consistently pressurized, great quality, and not too heavy. They are alive and kicking!

Once the tournament starts food will be provided (on-site) to the players only. The protocol is to make sure we don’t stay all day on-site and instead of going back to the hotel for dining and for the hotel room to be in our bubble! (Snacks might be provided for coaches, in case the waiting on-site for match play would be too long!)

The people of Qatar and the entire AO staff are 24/7 alert to adapt, adjust, and support the players and their team!

We are privileged to have a sport that is so international and able to remain in business during this massive global pandemic!