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Double Digit Day • Tennis Player Ellen Perez’s Mandatory Quarantine hits Day 10

Day 10! Finally, I have hit the double digits in days. Feels like I can almost see the light at the end of the quarantine tunnel. Day 10 has been a rather different day compared to most.

Notice the Wilson Logo on my Avocado!

I woke up before 10am which was a big deal for me. I ate breakfast alone because dasha decided to do yoga instead of eating with me. Breakfast was yum as I had bircher muesli and avocado toast. I started the day off extremely lazy. I was in bed just rolling around and facetiming my boyfriend Jeremy and also watched Dasha do her ridiculous skincare routine. I then updated my Spotify playlist as it needed a freshen up of music for when I finally decide to work out.

Dasha and I gave in to the numerous requests to do a tik-tok and we decided to make one. Can’t say it was any good. I felt ridiculous doing It because I have pathetic rhythm and no ability to remember choreography. Definitely the first and last tik-tok dance I will do!

For lunch I had a meat pie and salad. Slightly more unhealthy day as I’ve been having a lot of salads. Around lunch time our day got really busy with zoom calls. We spoke for an hour to younger girls about a wide range of tennis related topics and then joined the call with Craig Tiley that updated us on the summer of tennis ahead.

After 10 days I’ll try anything including Pilates!

In the afternoon we decided to be somewhat active and did a full body barre class. It was actually really hard and to be honest I’m not a big fan of Pilates but I guess after 10 days locked up I’m willing to try anything.

For dinner I had massaman curry and watched the movie The Score.

Massaman Curry