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Sven Groeneveld Coaching Mary Pierce –THE BADGE CHRONICLES #15 Of The Series

Tennis coach Sven Groeneveld shares with us a bit about how it was like working with Mary Pierce throughout the years. As Sven continues to share his insights and small memories, we hope the readers enjoy a look into his life on the tour.


Mary Pierce

Over a 10 year period Mary and I worked on 4 separate occasions and each time I could write a book about.


Working with Mary was always a challenge but Mary was by far the strongest and most athletic female player I worked with (yes I know I have worked with many but let me tell you it’s the truth).

In 1992 it was just a short period and brief introduction to her talent! Which would set up our work relationship for the years to come. When I joined in 1994 while Mary was training at the IMG Academy (on the red clay) with grand master Nick Bollettieri.

Mary needed a traveling coach, that would take the lead on the road. Nick and I worked like a fine tuned machine but the one significant change was made when our focus shifted from on court to physical development. Between aerobic footwork coordination workouts and gym sessions at the academy. We started traveling with Jose Rincon.

We were the first team that travelled with a full time physical trainer and boy did it make a difference. 1994 she reached the finals of Roland Garros and in 1995 she won her first slam at the Australian Open. Mary and I always remained connected so in 1996 we reconnected, when Mary had dropped her ranking but regained a final in 1997 at the Australian Open. In 2002 Mary and started up again after a long injury period. Over all those years, for some reason, we always had external noice that would shift our focus and would end the relationship.

Unfortunately we never could extend the work for longer period of times however David, her brother, was always her most consistent supporter in her tennis! I was so happy for both when Mary won her Roland Garros title in 2000 under his guidance. Mary and I remain close friends and now she is a Hall of Famer, she will forever be a tennis legend and a great influencer and leader in our tennis community! The rest is History.

*All the information for this article was attained through explicit permission from Sven Groeneveld to be published on 10sBalls.com – no lifting or reusing is permitted.

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