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Sven Groeneveld On Working Alongside Peter Carter –THE BADGE CHRONICLES #8 Of The Series

“Tennis Architect” Sven Groeneveld has worked alongside his friend Peter Carter at Swiss Tennis. Here is a small story by Sven as he remembers how much Peter contributed to not only Swiss Tennis, but the career of Roger Federer as well.

Sven Groeneveld, Roger Federer, and Peter Carter



In 1997 I was approached by Stephan Oberer, the Technical Director of SwissTennis. He was giving the task to recruit the coaching staff for the new National Tennis Center in Biel/Bienne. My position, head of tennis for women/men, I was asked to help put the team together. On the women’s side we went for a strong swiss representation and on the men’s we aimed to add Peter Lundgren and Peter Carter.

Peter Carter was the hardest to recruit as he had a very good job in Basel. However since Roger Federer was his prodigy, it would be his main task to focus on Rogers developments, he gave into the request and joined the team.

During that year the entire team of players and coaches build a strong bond. I look back with so many fond memories and especially the relationships that remain in place today. We are all missing Peter Carter and we all know how much he contributed to the career of Roger.

When Roger was invited to play the junior event at Queens I went with Roger as his coach and he absolutely hated playing on grass. However two weeks later he won both singles and doubles at Wimbledon under the watchful eyes of Peter Carter! So this post is in memory of Peter Carter and all he did for Roger, Swiss Tennis and enriching our lives!

*All the information for this article was attained through explicit permission from Sven Groeneveld to be published on 10sBalls.com – no lifting or reusing is permitted.

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