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Belarusian Tennis Legend MAX Mirnyi Retires • Shares His Bio • Team Named After Him At ATP Tour Nitto Finals In London

Max Mirnyi gave a motivational talk to his kids school a few weeks ago. He prepared a quick resume also know as a “CV” or “BIO” for the kids. When 10sBalls asked to see it. We got it. We are connected to the family since Max Family inception. He really gave it his all. He was smart to stop when he can still walk and stand straight. No wrecked knees hips or back. He wanted to spend more time with the family.

He still has his hands on many tennis projects.

10sBalls hosted his engagement party to Xenia. London was always more special with Max. He would love the grass and all the history there. He would practice rolling and diving volleys.

Lovey “shagged” balls for him there in 2017. All these years we never knew  He was a born lefty but switched. Funny. We also were entertained by his zest for the hallowed tennis Mecca. We all celebrated his 40th birthday there. Great on site birthday in the players restaurant. We loved Max as a singles player. He was so much fun to watch serve and volley. He had more partners than anyone. But he loved it all . (LJ) Lisonka

You can follow Max Mirnyi on the links below:

Facebook | Max Mirnyi

Instagram | @maxmirnyi


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