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TennisBalls Congratulates Lio And Andy Fitzell On Their New Positions In Orlando @ Great Base

GreatBase Tennis via Facebook:

Announcement……. for 2020

We are extremely pleased to announce that in the new year that Andy Fitzell and his wife, Lio, will be joining us in Orlando. A photo of the couple is attached. They will be moving from Germany to the US.

Andy will serve as our leader with our on-line educational efforts. He is one of the game’s best educators. His diversified background is highlighted by having worked so closely with the late Vic Braden. During the last ten years of Vic’s life, no other teacher or coach spent more time with Vic than Andy.

Andy is an outstanding communicator and has the technological skills to deliver the GreatBase Tennis curriculum in a first class manner. Furthermore, I have worked with Andy for nearly twenty years on a wide-arrange of projects. I know first hand that he has the passion, empathy and skill-set to help our worldwide network contribute to the growth and welfare of tennis.

Lio, a native of Germany, has a formal education in business. She has resigned from a firm where she served as the CEO’s personal assistant. She will now serve as the manager for all GreatBase business. With her new role, there will be a major emphasis placed upon organizing contacts, new and old, to formulate a joint effort to deliver fact-based instruction for long term development to a greater audience.

Over the last year, a small group of us have established an ideal setting in Orlando to serve as a stage for our on-line content and as a headquarters to assess and assist visiting players. We are located approximately five miles from both the Orlando International airport and the USTA National Campus.

To make an understatement, we are excited to have Andy and Lio join us on a full-time basis. From family to federation, we are confident that we can provide a tennis education second to none. With Andy and Lio, our 2020 vision has become much clearer – no pun intended.

Thank you for sharing.

Steve Smith

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