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Tennis News • Julie Heldman Daughter Of Gladys Heldman Tells Her Story • DRIVEN A Daughters Odyssey

Julie Heldman via Instagram:

Throughout the four years when I was writing DRIVEN, I knew that I wanted to record it, but I also knew that I’d need to commit a serious amount of time, effort, and energy. Once I was ready to make that commitment, I lost my voice for a few months. When I finally recovered it, I spent nearly four months in a recording studio, communing with a microphone and with Sutter, my sound engineer.

I had a lot to learn. I struggled with infusing each phrase with just the right amount of emotion and emphasis, while doing my best to avoid bobbling words. Eventually my voice conveyed the meaning and the feelings embedded in the words I had written. Once I’d recorded the whole book, Sutter cleaned up the sound, and we made some fixes. And then it was done! What a joy to hear my voice bravely conveying the emotions I’d hidden for so many years.

The DRIVEN audiobook is NOW available on @amazon, iTunes, @applebooks and @audible. Thank you all for your patience and support throughout this process. I could not have done it without your encouragement. I hope you enjoy it. #driven

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