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Tennis Racket News • 2019 Wilson Blade Series Launched


Wilson will launch the new 2019 Blade series designed to help attacking tennis players truly blow away their competition. The seventh version of the Blade features a evolved three-part colorway on top of a lightweight, maneuverable frame. The new Blade rackets will be equipped with FeelFlex technology, giving players a “more connected-to-the ball” feel while complementing their modern, more vertical swing path. The improvements to the racket are substantial, including 20 percent more horizontal flexibility for more control, 12 percent more vertical flexibility for more spin and 11.4 percent more stability for more power.


The new Blade series will consist of five different racket models •


New Wilson Blade Models

Blade 98 (16×19)

Blade 98 (18×20)

Blade 100L

Blade 104

Blade SW104 Autograph CV

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