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Tennis Racket Review • The Wilson CLASH By 10sBalls

Strung with SOLINCO Hyper G • 18 gauge. Custom stenciled by KT Kim.

By Dana T. 

My review of the Wilson Clash is as follows:

I love the balance of power and control in this racket.  While its weight creates stability and makes it, in my opinion, control oriented, I found it easy to generate power off both sides with this racket.  While I do not think it is geared toward generating a lot of spin (though this could be a product of the strings that were in it and the tension), I was able to hit through the ball with acceleration and generate great power and depth with flatter shots.  I found it better suited to ground strokes than volleys, but only slightly, as I liked the stability on the volleys, especially touch or short angle volleys.  I really enjoyed the power I could generate off the serve, I feel like it definitely enabled me to add velocity to my serve.  If I were to keep playing with this racket in the long term, which I well may do, I would lower the tension of the strings and use gut on the cross strings, both of which I think would help address the spin issues I identified.  In short, I think this racket offers as good a balance between power and control as I’ve played with in a while and that it is a great racket for all court players (which is what I am).  I’d recommend it to all except the heavy top spin / western grip players, who may want more flexibility in their frames. 

By Dana Treister

Strung with SOLINCO Hyper G • 18 gauge. Custom stenciled by KT Kim.

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