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Tennis 10sBalls Wishes Happy Mother’s Day 2019 To All The Tennis Moms

Ok. Here’s The Best one we know. Our amazing tennis parent. She wasn’t a great navigator on the circuit… whether she was driving on freeways, highways, parkways she couldn’t tell you north • south • east • west. So driving from tourney to tourney was very interesting. But it was always fun. We had lots adventures. She never cared if I won or lost. As long as I tried my best. Wow. What an amazing concept.

We have enjoyed over 60 years of playing together as well as viewing together. That’s pretty darn special. One of our fave first pro matches together was at Forest Hills seeing the great Mexican Champion Rafael Osuna. Yes. We were very late home for dinner that night. We blamed it on the usual traffic or that we got lost again. Yes, we were lost in his game. His scrappiness, his smooth ground strokes. The grass. Happy Mother’s Day PB! 

P. S. Your forehand down the line is still lethal at 89!

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