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Tennis • Justin Gimelstob? ATP? Tennis Channel Announcer? What’s Next?


Editors note: We are reposting this story to show we stood on the “side of the right” for the ATP and TENNIS prior to Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka speaking up • and Gimelstob finally stepping down.



There’s been so much silence around Justin Gimelstob….. Why? Some say he is “everywhere” • “knows everything “ or he is owed favors or he is “Teflon” or his supporters surround him and protect him…


Trick or treat took on new meaning this past Halloween…


Justin was wearing an Aviator flight suit…


Crickets that’s what we hear. Meaning nothing but crickets. Some mentions in past few weeks / months since March when we wrote story after story about Chris Kermode.  Crickets means Silence.


No ones been talking till the last 48 odd hours. Sir Andy Murray spoke up as did Martina Navratilova as did Amelie Mauresmo and a few are going up against his seat at the ATP. A few were mentioned. Brad Gilbert. Tim Mayotte. Dani Vallverdu… others too.


But HELLO to John Isner. Hello up there. You and Sam and Kevin see the same view we do? You guys are tall. Is it all going over all your 6’ plus heads?


Pospisil didn’t read it? Who else Didn’t?


The simple reality is if Justin’s dad lived and died  in New Jersey , Justin basically still belonged  in New Jersey with his family.


It’s truly all sad. Justin wasn’t there for his Mother. His Brothers. His Grandmother? Cousins. Friends and Family. He wasn’t there to greet people as they came to pay their respects to his Father.


Justin always plays the “pity card”. He chose to return to California to trick or treat…. He had to be super dad and do Halloween.


Maybe Crazy stuff goes on in a mans mind who only sleeps an hour or so a night?


Justin please resign from the ATP | Tennis Channel. Tennis.


Maybe try Pickleball? It Looks like you might be outvoted anyway. You’ve made it hard for anyone to stand by you.


Jon Wertheim told you to do the right thing. Step away from the game.


On many levels you’ve disturbed the sport. Embarrassed all your fellow ATP | WTA players who refuse to speak against you. Why? You ingratiated yourself into their lives? You invite their kids to your kids Birthday parties. The kids parents all are called Aunts and Uncles. You play the pity card. You play the I’ve got a kid to take care of card. Or, I’m in a messy divorce pity card. Or,  I just lost my dad pity card. Always the pity card.


And always proudly polarizing within tennis instead of helping bringing it all together…. divide and conquer…?


The destruction you’ve caused on the Tennis tour is massive.


Chris Kermode was a great ATP President. Probably the best ever!


•What’s wrong with tennis? • What’s wrong with leading with kindness and decency and decorum?
Chris Kermode deserves a recount!

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