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German Tennis Star Andrea Petkovic Collapses In Melbourne Heat At AO19 Open


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We all wish Andrea a speedy recovery. She trained so hard for the 2019 AO. The team did suffer food poisoning prior to leaving for OZ (maybe stomach flu).

But to see athletes as fit as Andrea playing in such brutal heat is sad. And she was winning. It was an awesome effort. Up there with Sir Andy Murray’s guts and heart.


Andrea Petkovic via Instagram:

“some victories come in hidden forms. i had to fight many adversaries in the past days and a few years ago i would‘ve complained and cried and blamed the world. yesterday i just shut my mouth and fought until i literally could not stand anymore and i am proud of overcoming what is sometimes the hardest enemy to overcome- our negative patterns we have formed over years. i want to thank my team for standing relentlessly by my side and all of you who worried about me and sent me words of encouragement❤️✌🏻THANK YOU! photo: @jimmie48tennis#heretocreate @adidastennis #inspiration”


Link to Petkovic’s collapse on DailyMail.com:


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