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10sBalls Shares Lovey Jergens’ Tennis Wish List • Dear Santa Letter

Lovey Jergens’ Journal December 2018


Dear SanTa,

The year has vroomed and zoomed and by. For the most part we’ve been good. We do have a few little indiscretions here and there…. mostly by me. The team has been awesome! We all overdid it at the Queen’s Club one day (ok everyday) but those pitchers of Pimm’s will do that that to anyone. Add FEVER-TREE to the mix and….

Ok SanTa baby I sure hope you are listening.

Here’s my wishes •

1. I’d like all tennis tournaments to use the same ball for at least more than a few weeks a year. By March an ATP or WTA player may have used 10 different balls all in different conditions. By the end of year switching among ️maybe 25 different brands that all play and bounce and wear out differently. Some feel like meatballs and others snowballs…

2. For Roger to still be wearing Nike.

3. For Nike to give him the RF logo

4. For Davis Cup to be tweaked instead of killed

5. For tennis to have more patrons and guardians that aren’t greedy. (lower ticket prices • live feeds don’t lie, empty arenas globally)

6. For Rod Laver to sit amongst the teams at his Laver Cup as long as he is alive and a living legend • why sit in the stands?

7. The book. Stan Smith. I am more than a shoe. Or is it “I’m not just a shoe.” …

8. Or how about David Haggerty switching to PICKLEBALL IF HE WANTS TO SCREW UP A Sport?… Sorry SanTa I knew I just blew it before I got to my 10th wish…

9. We like to see tennis pros permitted to Billboard themselves with patches. Careers are short. Players that are popular should be able to capitalize on their earning years.

• Saved the best for last Dear SanTa.


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