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10sBalls.com Shares a Great Gift For A Tennis Player – The Functional Tennis Match Journal


Released earlier this year The Functional Tennis Match Journal has proved very popular especially with Juniors aged 10-18. Various features of the journal were designed with direct input from the @FunctionalTennis Instagram fans where many top players, aspiring juniors, college players, parents, coaches and others athletes make up the strong 200K followers.


Feedback from customers strongly mentions that the journal helps players step away from their phones and allows them to think about their tennis match or practice session using pen and paper.

Some features of the Journal

  • Journal up to 42 Matches
  • Notes section and court diagram to write down practice drills and playing patterns
  • Includes Cue words stickers for your racket
  • Includes Protection pouch


It is available to buy from The Functional Tennis Website at the below URL



The journal ships worldwide and since its launch in April it has been shipped to over 50 countries worldwide.


Its priced at €24.95 plus shipping but if you buy 2 or more there are savings to be made.


We have also worked with Tennis academies to produce a personalized version. Please email ace@functionaltennis.com if this is of interest. Minimum quantities currently are 100 units.

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