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Max Mirnyi, Belarussian Tennis Star Retires

Lovey Jergens’ Journal Fall 2018


Somehow we all knew the day would come. But it still seems weird. Max was such a constant on the tennis tour and in our lives. How did we meet? ️Maybe he remembers. But pretty sure it was in 1997 | 1998. One of our favorite matches was played at the U.S. Open in 1999. What a comeback. More later. “the ZIB Match”

Ok. So we knew even though he was as fit as fit could be. That the day would come. The “R word”. RETIREMENT word. And typical of the elegant man that he is. He left the sport on his terms. You know he didn’t take WILDCARDS. And he didn’t cry and say goodbye. He just quietly didn’t train this December. He is a blessed man. He is loved by all the tennis family. But he is more loved by his dear wife and four beautiful children. (at least one will be a future star)

The Mirnyi family is a beautiful group of people. Papa Nicholai, brother Peter and Ksusha and the girls and the boys. We spoke to Max in the past few weeks. (so we knew, see we can keep secrets) He loved being able to take the kids out this Halloween • trick or treating and celebrate his wife’s birthday. In the past twenty years he would have been in Paris at the indoors.

Mirnyi means peace. Max had over 100 partners from every country on earth practically. One guy he played dubs with was named Roger Federer. I will never forget it. Geezer told Max that RF talent was visible but so was his laziness. Geezer said…. Max, he is ballast…. Get a new partner… It’s true, and funny.

Somehow we lucked out to be at the same place and at the same time. Max opened doors for us. It was a magic carpet ride. Most recent faves. Masters finals in LONDON in 2012 at the 02 arena. And WIMBLEDON 2017. Wow. And wow. Great 40th birthday party! More later.

Enjoy the quotes from some of his competitors. And funny. I knew Max and Hewitt won the U.S. Open. Sorry Ricky. Didn’t know he beat you.

From Richard Krajicek, Wimbledon Champion in 1996 and Rotterdam tournament director (Max won the singles there): Max was a great competitor and fantastic ambassador for our sport. He has overcome so much to become the great player he was and the great person that he is, Max is an example for all the young kids who dream of becoming a professional tennis player.

Sven Groeneveld said: IMGA (IMG Academy) would do justice to model a training Module around the work ethics of the beast as I remember since I first saw him in 1994 and through out all of the years of my time at the academy no other player has shown more dedication and professionalism than the Beast! Wishing him a well deserved retirement!


From the legendary lefty champion Ricky Leach: Always enjoyed competing against Max, he was a true professional. Will never forget out 7-6 in the third U.S. Open Final when he teamed with Lleyton Hewitt to beat Ellis Ferreira and me. Max had a long career that spanned over many years, that shows how great he was. Congratulations on a stellar career!

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