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International Indian Tennis Star Rohan Bopanna And His Master Blend Coffee! “Flying Squirrel”

10sBalls had a chance to sit down with Rohan today. We learned first hand about the generations of his family involved in growing AWARD winning Blend. This is what he told us:


Coffee for me has always been part of my life since its been a family business which was started by my Granddad & currently looked after by father now M.G Bopanna, Basically Coffee came first than Tennis for me :) .. My dad always has said that its not only the hardwork which goes into it, but his entire life on taking care of the Coffee and raising it like his own child. December, January & February are the months where the Coffee Picking takes place & its truly one of the best times to be in Coorg.


I recently tied up with the company Flying Squirrel to launch Rohan Bopanna’s Master Blend brand where the beans are grown at my coffee estate in the Southern part of INDIA, The place we call Coorg which is in the state of Karnataka.


We grow the coffee in about 3600ft of Altitude. The Rohan Bopanna Masterblend which is 100% Arabica beans won an award for it at the IICF (India International Coffee Festival 2018)


You can visit the website flyingsquirrel.in to check out more. We encourage you to Try it. We did and it was awesome!





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