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Is Tennis A Greedy Sport? Is Tennis Losing Out To Pickleball In America?

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By LOU Fuller


The answers are Yes. And Yes.


The Tennis “SUITS” have been making poor choices at every turn and fork in the road for way too long and it’s caught up to them.


Ok. So Roger Federer just left NIKE after a lifetime. Wow. He looked sort of weird in his new Uniqlo. One tennis insider kept saying he looked like he lost his luggage and borrowed a kit from Kei. Ok so should Nike have signed him? Yes!


One tourney we know in Europe had a truck full of RF hats delivered daily and still sold out.


Something was weird. At the U.S. Open you could buy Nike but not the Logo Gear for RAFA or RF hats of clothes you had to shop at Nike in Manhattan.


Also known as NEW YORK CITY. Well HELLO! If I drive in from New Jersey or Connecticut to attend The tennis • why would anyone want to go to NYC to buy a hat? I should be able to by at the tourney. No? As RAFA would say.


Tennis does not know how to market itself. It’s clueless. It’s pathetic. It has empty stands. Not seats. Stands. The tickets are overpriced! (best deal of year is the ATP finals in LONDON)


It’s matches that are too long ! Tennis has great players that have zero marketing campaigns behind them. In any way. The ATP| WTA are pathetic at press releases. At helping all the players personalities known. They must go via their own social media. That’s never good players should not read the weird off stuff people say to them.


The one percenters complain about ticket costs. That’s major and speaking of majors. There’s four. But they are Slams. A Grand Slam is winning all four in a calendar year. That’s a Grand Slam. FRENCH • WIMBLEDON • AO • and U.S. Open are all Slams. Ok. Got it. Slams. Or Majors. [Hey Gussy and Julie that’s for you.]

But what tennis players don’t realize is they literally are off the radar for months or years at a time. A few years back it looked like RF and Rafa were both retiring. So why would Nike want to keep paying when you aren’t playing? Last few years alone. Sharapova was out, Rafa, Roger, SERENA, Del Potro.. The list goes on and on.


Ok. On to PICKLEBALL. Yup. It’s here and it’s still in its infancy. Tennis is hundreds of years old. Pickleball is everywhere. And it grows exponentially by the day. The week. People are building back yard courts like they used to hang a badminton net. The sport has its dangers. The eyes should be protected. The level of fanaticism is almost amazing. It’s off the charts the addiction to smacking that ball. I’m impressed. And I really enjoy seeing people out exercising and having fun. Tennis wake up. Your fan base is shrinking…………….

Pickle Juice is fabulous if you haven’t tried it. It’s great to re hydrate and add electrolytes back for recovery.. It’s the new Gatorade with good ingredients. See link below.


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