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Tennis $300 Million Dollar Question • Roger Federer Versus NIKE and His RF Logo Too

Roger Federer of Switzerland returns to Kevin Anderson of South Africa in their quarter final match during the Wimbledon Championships at the All England Lawn Tennis Club, in London, Britain, 11 July 2018. EPA-EFE/NIC BOTHMA



By Jack Fox


I’m still scratching my head. Oh yeah, my head has an RF Nike hat on it. But Has the whole era now come to an end? I don’t know how many RF hats I have? I know it’s a heap! I have various styles and colors and my collection I guess you call it that if I have more than a dozen. Right? Now they are relics? Gems? More valuable? Less valuable? All I have is hats.


Imagine all the people with T ~ shirts or ensembles. Yes , Jason from CALIFORNIA. Maybe we think of You. Mr. I Have the shirt. The Shorts. The Socks. The Shoes. The Wristbands and the Hats and the track suit. I guess you call it the whole “Kit”.


And hard to tell how many of those you have. Did you have the brown outfit I called UPS man? And what’s with this deal with Uniqlo? Whose patches will we see on his shirts? Will it be MERCEDES? ROLEX? Moët? His foundation? A new RF Logo? Now that’s a thought. A new ️logo to include the foundation. So ️maybe • RFF


I don’t know. It’s all too surreal. It’s almost impossible to imagine they couldn’t keep that branding marriage together. The whole concept seems too petty.


But $300 million clams • dollars • dinero • moolah – boolah is hard to say NO too.


We know Tony Godsick has plenty of Nike clients with the Federer Management company “Team 8.” It just doesn’t seem possible they couldn’t agree to terms.


And No, Tony I did it know about any of this when I chatted Nico up about hats and shoes at BNP. I was just curious if he knew how many hats he has? His reply. Something like I don’t know they are all over the house.


re: hats: I wore black on black during losses. I wore gray during time away. I wore red for the Roger Federer Foundation. I wore other colors depending on mood or outfit.


Rogers Dad Robbie is really disappointed. Those are His initials too. We know that he and Roy really had fun with designing all those hats and thanks ROY for all the special hats you always slipped into my bags.


Editors Note: Time will tell on this one. Now Rafa wants more money. Next will be SERENA. And Maria and Delpo • all tennis superstars. Plus so many new talented players from all over the world. We wish players worked off of incentive and performance clauses. It sure would help these companies hit with huge base pays and payouts and bonuses for slams or reaching number one.

We Remember Michael Jackson putting a major brand out of biz.

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