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A ball boy stands on Court 17 at the Wimbledon Championships tennis tournament in London, Great Britain, on Wednesday, July 4, 2018.



By Francisco Resendiz


It’s already Thursday/Friday and I am still in a blur. I’ve been in LONDON 3 plus weeks, so it’s not jetlag. The purple and green and dash of white all swirling. What a week of wins and losses and upsets and break-thru stars.


Add some FIFA and oh my gosh. (What a night to be at The Dog And The Fox)


Oh, I forgot the food and beverage tastings we’ve done daily. Let’s see, we tried Pimm’s. Oh it’s the perfect summer tennis adult beverage. Ok, and yes we had to try the sponsors products. Yes, Gilbert I got you a ROLEX. Right. Ok. We tried the Lancers’ Champagne in the cute little shirt coolers on the cute little bottles.


We tried the iced cold STELLA Artois beers. Yes, lots of them. It was hot. We tried the ️food in the players lounge. PIP you are doing a brilliant job. We were in the members enclosure. Well actually I had tea there. Wow. That’s three stories in itself.


I ate in the media areas. Excellent food and courtesies. Thank you. We went to both the “grab and go” and the restaurant at Aorangi Park (practice courts). Bravo Chris. Another year of fabulous food.


Next was Food land. What’s that? East. ️Food served on property to the public. I think we tried everything. The strawberries seemed bigger and sweeter. Was that possible? The cream melted in my mouth. Rumors are Max Mirnyi is having a surprise Bday cake tomorrow to celebrate his 21 first straight WIMBLEDON and his 41st WIMBLEDON.


Let’s see, ALEX seemed to still love the burritos there. We keep trying salad with him. But. Ok, KT found noodles somewhere? I made that up. Me? Easy. Blended green drinks. The fave combo was spinach and pineapple. Or was it spinach and watermelon. Yes, Sven with a little ginger. More rumors. Sven’s got some news coming. 10sBalls has news coming.


Dutch tennis player Michaela Krajicek has gotten into painting. I’ve bought art from my first dutch artist. Yes. Scored on that one. Misa has had six knee surgeries. But she will keep playing.


Look at Bethanie. A year ago this time we all worried if she would every walk normally again. Look at her. Willpower. Great surgeons, great therapy and sheer determination. And she’s baaaack! Bravo BETHANIE.


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