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WIMBLEDON • Tennis Day Two • Cheers From “The Dog And The Fox”

By Francisco Resendiz


My day started with walking to work. Yup. I stopped at a bakery by Southfields Station for breakfast. Yummo. And I’m fairly certain it wasn’t gluten free.


It was a beauty of a morning to walk to WIMBLEDON. It’s so funny with every step you feel the excitement build. Yes. With every step. Every heart beat.


And For me TENNIS is just a job, one of my careers for now. It’s not a passion or a LOVE (good thing since love means nothing in tennis)


Ok. We (me and the crowd and my shadow and maybe Alex) get closer and we see all of our favorite colors purple and green with a dash of white.


I settle into our desk. Look at the day’s schedule. And shake my head. Where will my “yellow highlighter” stop?


Ok. Coffee break. Greg and I usually catch up right around now daily anyway. I catch Louise and Robbie and the rest of the TV commentators early doing the same thing. Making notes. Taking notes. Highlighting their orders of play.


The rest of the day is a blur. I ran from court To court to Aorangi to Flipkens/Watson court change. It was all day running non stop.


All I know is I’m tapping this out on a picnic table at the world famous Wimby Village Pub “The Dog and The Fox” and I’m looking at a Pimm’s and a Pint of local ale. Way to go. Some tennis players hit with both hands. I can do drinks with both hands :) .


Cheers. To Wednesday. I can hardly wait. The Championship is truly the worlds most amazing tennis event on the planet.


Editor’s note: Seems like the whole team from 10sballs went to “The Dog and the Fox”. They are loving being in LONDON during FIFA. England just beat Colombia!


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