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WIMBLEDON 2018 • Only Days Away • Tennis 10sBalls Already Here In London • The Excitement Builds Daily

By Francisco Resendiz


So much chatter lately: what clothes would Roger Federer be wearing at Wimbledon? His Nike contract had expired March 1st. We all guessed right: we knew Roger wasn’t leaving. And who owns the RF logo anyway?


Sports Business Journal announced that tennis tourneys could no longer be sponsored by betting houses. Don’t want to go there in this post, but now at least there’s some consistency even if we think it swung the wrong way.


O.K. Back to SW 19, which is the postal code for the ALL ENGLAND LAWN TENNIS Club (AELTC) • WIMBLEDON • “THE CHAMPIONSHIPS”.


The grass looks beautiful. Not sure, but I think Court 1’s roof is sorta massively ugly. It would look ok maybe in Wimby Green, but in white on the support structures? There aren’t enough flowers to make it look pretty.


The old Court 1 was a great court. The new Court One was a fabulous court. The only problem with its location is that it’s close to Murray Mound/Henman Hill, and the big TV screens and crowds nearby make slit of noise.


We watched some of the last round Qualie matches. The fave was our Buddy Ruben Bemelsman who beat Bernie Tomic fairly handily. At one point Bernard had the trainer out and seemed to be lagging in movement Ruben kept his foot on the accelerator and the Belgian Davis Cup Star is now main draw men’s singles in Wimbledon (again). Well done!


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