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Wimbledon 2018 • “Set Up Week” • Post Card From Dusan Vemic and Andrea Petkovic • GERMAN Tennis Star

Amazing to see what Dusan is sharing here. Normally, it’s packed with tennis fans. Going in both directions. “St. Mary’s Walk” – Why the name? Look at the white line and follow it into the distance and you see St Mary’s Church.


Not sure what court this is. It Might be 14. But what a beauty of a court and Dusan’s keen eye catches a great angle.


That is so beautiful and tranquil.


Look • They set out the welcome mat for us at Aorangi Park (official practice courts and facility).


Dusan with Andrea Petkovic. Doing a little various body parts warm up prior to their practice.
On Dusan’s Instagram post • it was said “the early Bird gets the worm”.


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