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It’s hard to believe it’s been 360 odd days since we were here. 2017 Queens championships were unbelievable. We saw so many great matches. We saw so many old friends. Greg. Our tea and coffee breaks daily were awesome !


We had So much nice weather. We squeezed on the balcony like sardines. We sat front row. We sat players box. We were all over the club from end to end. Top to bottom. Every player knows what I’m talking about. You get lost in these great old hallways. It’s half the fun. Going in circles. ( jet lag ?) So much fun. Oh, it feels so good. It’s hard to explain. Maybe Pagliario will describe it well for us. He is a first timer.


The Querns Club is simply • The worlds best Grass. • The worlds best tourney. • The best club.


A new sponsor. Totally refreshing ! Literally and figuratively. We love love love Fever Tree ! Especially the world best Ginger Ale. The best drink mixers to go with VODKA or GIN. Yes, we love gin. But that juniper berry gets us every time. Oh. A pitcher of their Pimms. Tomorrow when Richard and Alejandro arrive. So there’s 5 of us in on the pitcher. Or two ? Or more …


Stephen Farrow the tourney director and his teams and committees have made magic again. This is certainly the ATP best 500 Level event !


This past year it lost its number one fave to a resort in Mexico. How can you put a resort on the Mexican Rivera against a 100 plus year old beautiful old clubhouse in the center of LONDON.


Sorry Mexican tourist bureau. Your lobbyist won. ( you cheated ) But it’s a whole different category… maybe next year you could cough up or add a free Harley as player gifts or a ROLEX or car too ) A resort with every beach toy imaginable. It makes the gang infested city seem safe… (it’s not ) Acapulco is basically a tennis event and a Vacay at the same time basically. In a danger zone. ( ignorance is bliss )


The event at Queens has serious tennis passion. You feel it from the moment you enter the grounds. And it’s truly the finest grass in the world. Truly the finest. WIMBLEDON wishes it’s grass was this good.


Sorry Wimby. Love you. But love Queens most ! From Fraser Russell of “HEAD CONCIERGE” ( the tourney-concierge) to Charlotte Stone and David Law and Fran and Hilary and my new best friends Chris and Chris and Roger the worlds best stringer. ••• Roger • Xavier Malisse thanks you for all the amazing efforts you put forth on his behalf over a decade • especially the year you went to the semis with him at WIMBLEDON !


Wow. Lots more fun to come.

Stay tuned

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