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Roland Garros • French Open Tennis From Paris 2018 • Pregnant Pause Needed

I love my partner! @venuswilliams out there today in doubles. Photo by @serenawilliams via Instagram.



Lovey’s Lob

Lovey JERGEN’S Journal

Roland Garros


Francisco is right. That smell of CHANEL number 5 is in every elevator or crowd. Love it. It’s amazing to be in Paris right now. The draws were so crazy this year on the ladies side. So many dangerous “Floaters”. What’s a floater? A player in the draw that’s unseeded so they can be a seeded players first round match. Or early round. Or any round.

This year you have Sharapova. Azeranka and SERENA just to name the 3 biggies. Two had babies. SERENA most recently and VIKA not long before. Then there’s Maria. She is fighting and clawing her way back Up. No baby.

Ok. So the deal is simple just like an injury time away where the players ranking freezes. The same thing must apply for a pregnancy. Where has common sense in tennis gone? Where has common sense gone?

Absolutely love seeing Serena’s husband courtside. What a rock that man is. The love and devotion between those two is truly a thing of beauty. ️Maybe that’s why their baby is so beautiful. They really make a powerful family.

Seeing SERENA playing dubs with VENUS. Ok. It’s the icing on the cake • Thank You WILLIAMS Sisters! You beat up on our friend Flip Flipper Kirsten Flipkens and her partner Errani. But you two are awesome together. Well… except for that one WIMBLEDON • SERENA was having trouble bouncing the ball… Late night | early morning?.. calling for coffee….


Ok , we end with a prank. It was the best one in a long long long time. Thank you Dusan Vemic. Sorry Francisco and Daisy you were a great witness as well as being pranked too. Dusan you deserve an academy award. Francisco you were brilliant in your response. Dusan your camera effort gets a c minus.


Everybody’s got to laugh more! Be nicer to one another •

And for sure after a week of being drizzled on at the FRENCH OPEN. It was great to polish it off with some Thai food? Serbians like Thai food? Thai food in Paris… Really?

Photo by @kirstenflipkens via Instagram


Dusan Vemic & Andrea Petkovic

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