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Roland Garros Tennis • Picking Paris PETKO To Be A “Raging Bull ” Over Halep

Photo by Dusan Vemic



Lovey Jergens Journal

Paris 2018 • FRENCH OPEN


Yup. Maybe I’m going out on a limb here, but for certain I believe that Petko is going to beat the world WTA number one. Why do I say this? Not really sure. Just a hunch.

I even bet a certain ATP coach a hike or walk or something. Cause he laughed at me. I never bet physical activities… So Andrea please don’t let me down.


PETKO is one of those cerebral athletes that over thinks and complicates things and is looking for the deeper meaning… She is probably Mensa. And also probably one of the fittest and finest athletes playing on the tennis tour. Yes, the GERMAN star is one of our picks as a Top Tenner.


But put Petko on clay and she channels her inner RAFA!


Roland Garros the aviator. Photo by Dusan Vemic.

Tomorrow’s a big day in Paris • ready • the tourney is basically tired of being called the FRENCH OPEN. It wants to be called by its official name. Roland Garros. End of story there • we respect that.

Not sure you’ve all been reading Nancy Shea. Her stories are great. She pulls out of the vault also known as her head. We are happy she jumped on board for the FRENCH 2018.

The weather has been drizzly this week. It didn’t stop sunburns today on our staffers. But they did get in most of the matches daily they did have some rain delays as well as darkness issues.

We love the three Sunday’s. We love that there’s no night play and they end matches before you can’t see your hand in front of your face.

Dear Gussy Moran said she hated night tennis. Nights were for dinner, dancing, sleeping…

In these days of TENNIS being such physical “super tennis” • recovery must begin from a reasonable hour. For the turn around.

Athletes (tennis players) were never meant to perform past 10 at night. Sorry they aren’t Rock Stars.

Dusan Vemic, coach of Andrea Petkovic and Global Ambassador for 10sBalls.

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